Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Verity Spott - Chance Card for Volcano Game

Born in 1987 in the north of England. Moved to Brighton in the mid two
thousands. First and foremost a musician, Verity became interested in poetry through various collaborations and events in Brighton. Verity runs regular music and poetry events with a constant aim to encourage dialogues between different and often esoteric contemporary art forms and movements. Verity has run Horseplay (a monthly event bringing together music, poetry and other performances) since 2007 and DYMI/DYMX/DYMII/PW4 since 2010. Verity studied English and Creative Writing at the University of Chichester and is currently studying for an MA at the university of Sussex. Verity has collaborated with several poets and musicians, and is one half of the infamous Binnsclagg noise/poetry duo. Current/ past/upcoming collaborations include works with Frances Crot, Nat Raha, Tim Thornton, Jonny Liron, Karl M V Waugh and Chris Buckley.  Verity has written a figurative 'translation' of 'the' Iliad. Verity runs the Iodine poetry press.

Her poetry has appeared in Hi Zero! Feelings, The Claudius App and Iodine.

Verity Spott - Chance Card for Volcano Game

Verity Spott @ Archive of the Now

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