Friday 15 July 2011

Joe Luna - Failcore Outtake

Now available in A3 postcard format (590 gsm):

Failcore Outtake


Joe Luna is the editor of Hi Zero magazine and proprietor of the Hi Zero reading series in Brighton, UK. A book of poems, LVRSLVRSLVRSLVRS, came out earlier this year; the collaborative pamphlet "Poems, written between October and December 2010..." came out last month on Grasp Press. He is a postgraduate student at the University of Sussex.


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Thursday 7 July 2011

Ron Paste - Free Lunch Poems

Free Lunch Poems 1

Free Lunch Poems 2

Free Lunch Poems 3

Ron Paste (nĂ© Peats) is the assistant editor of British poetry news blog, The Lyre. He has been mowing other men’s flowers since his anthology, Other Men’s Flowers (Landfill, 2007). Free Lunch Poems are taken from his Twitter feed, Gathering Swallows. He lives in.